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  • Website and sales page templates for your New Zenler and Kajabi websites
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Annie Bertrand

I love working with Eran! He knows his stuff, and since he affiliates for many companies, he helps and provides the best solution based on what I truly need, not what will make him more money. I know I can trust his recommendations

Mahalia Michael

Eran is a Kajabi Wizard!!!

He knocked our web issues out of the Park!!  Best yet, he walked us through every step and filmed it so we have something to refer back to. 🙂 AWESOME!!

He is a SUPER PRO WEB HERO and we give him 100 GOLD STARS!!

Stephanie Parisi

Eran is the real deal. If he offers to hop on a zoom call with you, take him up on it! I connected with Eran right before the holidays (when life is just crazy) and he was instrumental in helping me get my sales pages and website up and running (and looking really good 😍🙌🏼). Total lifesaver! My site hasn’t even been active for 2 weeks and my sales are over $2k. I can’t wait till I have another project I need help with- I know exactly who I’ll message first. Thanks Eran!

Cheryl O Art

Eran is an amazingly knowledgeable person about doing business online. He is generous with great advice and I recommend him highly.

Ásdís Hjálms Annerud

Eran is definitely your go-to-guy!
So incredibly helpful and generous. He has gone above and beyond to help me in more ways than he ever had to. His advice has been super solid and his recommendations helped me make my online course launch way more successful.
If I ever need help with my business I will check on Eran first!

Shelly Wofford

I recommend Eran because he truly cares about his clients and wants what's best for them. He even went over the hour of time a little and didn't try to rush it. He still took the time to make sure I knew what yo do next. If you are wanting someone who really cares and has a great product on top of it then Eran is who you want helping you. Thank you Eran for everything and helping me figure out what I needed to do to set up my website and funnel

Clive Holliman

I have had the pleasure of working with Eran Bucai for a year now building funnels and websites for his customers. I am so grateful for having met him and it's been my honour to have worked with him. He is professional, patient, helpful, goes above and beyond to help you be successful and puts 110% into his work. I thoroughly recommend Eran to anyone who is looking to build a marketing solution for their business or looking to build funnels for other people. Eran, I salute you!

Cilla Jamieson

Eran is one of the most
Genuine and kind person I’ve worked with. His
Knowledge is awesome and
If doesn’t know the answer
He finds out for you. I can recommend him 100% to anyone looking to improve business realistically. He is not a get rich quick guy. He’s the real deal and I’m so glad
I get to work with him!!!!

Liz Nolley Tillman

Eran knows online marketing and the tools needed to be successful. He helped me narrow the choices and select the right platform for my membership site and his sales page template continues to generate business for me. If you want an expert who has walked the walk and gives generously of his knowledge to help others, definitely give Eran a call.

Karinna Mather

Eran sure does know his mustard. His advise comes unbiased which is hard to find these days. He gives honest genuine help as and where you need it the most. If you are looking to build an online business and need help with the tech side of things then Eran is you man.

Grace Stratton

He is so generous to share his knowledge. I personally met him in Mexico and he's very kind too. Peace!!

Céline Riviera

Eran is such a pro! He has this amazing "geeky" side in him that makes him incredibly smart and fast in what the work he delivers to you!

Eran is as well very generous with his time and knowledge, he is helpful and will listen to your questions. He has as well a TONE of free ressources on his page! I highly reco Eran, trust me, he is you "go-to" guy!

Nancy Mayerson

I can't remember exactly how I ran into Eran, but it had to be via email. He has been invaluable in my business, creating my website through Eran Funnels and connecting me to a most talented webmaster. Eran is a wealth of information who shares this knowledge with others in a very professional manner. When you ask him a question, you always get a quick response.I wold recommend Eran in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a coach!

Juliya Yas

I recently finished Eran's "Client Acquisition Course," and I cannot recommend it enough. This is truly one of a kind course that shows a simple and yet so effective technique of finding clients on social media. If you are just starting your freelance or entrepreneurial career, and especially if you have no budget to blow on paid ads and build funnels, this is a great course. I especially enjoyed over the shoulder videos, where Eran demonstrated how he engaged in Facebook groups. I used some of the tricks from this training to get my first clients and reviews on Facebook page.

Debbie Morrison Zeichner

Eran is an absolute gem! I began interacting with him regarding some email marketing questions and next thing I knew, he offered to chat with me regarding my business goals and plans. Eran is extremely talented as a guide and mentor. He asks thoughtful questions to better understand your needs and has a sound knowledge base when it comes to tech, sales and marketing. Not to mention, he's very patient! I appreciate Eran's many offerings and his "full service" feel. I'm so thrilled to know about him and the team with whom he works and will definitely be using his services in the future.

Kathy Sermon Mhs

Eran is wonderful to work with! I enjoy his easygoing laid back calm nature. He is a tech genius. He has definitely studied his craft. He knows his stuff. He is able to train in a way that is simple and understandable and remove all of the tech overwhelm that generally keeps people from being as productive as they can be. I cannot thank him enough. His expertise has been an answered prayer in getting my project moving forward I owe him a great debt of gratitude for all of his assistance. I highly recommend Eran without any hesitation or reservation. If you are stuck and want to move your project forward you would do well to hire Eran because trust me you will receive SO much value you can't put a pricetag on seeing your dream become reality. Thanks Eran! Looking forward to creating more magic with you on future projects!

Milton McLelland

I have worked with Eran for over a year now. Not only is my business in a better position then when I started I now have a friend whom I trust when I need to develop a new idea. Eran is genuine and is always willing to set up a call. I have never encountered a better business coach. I have spent thousands on coaching and the money I have invested in Eran has easily been the best ROI. I will continue to refer people to Eran! He wants me to get a bonus but I refuse because he deserves every penny!

Allana Pinkerton

Eran got me on the right path, immediately. With his advice, I was able to get focused on the important tasks at hand, in order to launch my business. Once I understood his philosophies and followed his tips, I accomplished a ton within a two week period. I launched my membership site and starting acquiring customers immediately.

Thank you Eran Bucai!

Agbese Idachaba Ojochogwu

Eran is a breath of fresh air in the noisy world of making money online.
He has a quality that is lacking these days and that is integrity.

He tells the truth, is very helpful, and is ready to share knowledge.

If you are just starting out with making money online, or thinking of starting, or already started, get in touch with Eran. He adds so much value to everyone he meets.

Eran listens, is patient, and has a no nonsense approach. He also meets you where you are in your journey. That's because he has walked the walk.

Thanks Eran, looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Óskar Bragi

There is a common saying that goes “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. Eran Bucai is that stone. If you have a problem that needs fixing Eran is your man. He has been honest, thorough, helpful and tenacious in all our communications and exchanges, whether it’s me asking a question, getting help with a website or asking for input on my business. I can’t recommend Eran enough.

Kim Saunders

Thanks Eran, super helpful and friendly, he helped me finally make my decision on which route to take.

Caitlin Mackenzie 

Eran is a wonderful business coach who helped me to break through some difficulties that were preventing me from moving forward with my business. He’s extremely knowledgeable about online business and very supportive. I’d highly recommend him.

John Liley

Eran is a great coach who is always patient and happy to share all he knows to help you get on the right track

David Jennys

Eran Bucai is a knowledgeable marketing coach and mentor! Best of all, he is approachable, honest, personable, and helpful. He is genuinely interested in your success, and most definitely will not take advantage of a client just to advance his own interests. His products and courses are top notch, providing quality instruction to help the student learn and grow in their entrepreneurial journey. I heartily recommend Eran for his products and services!

Marco A. Lopez

I was recommended to Eran in a moment of my business where I was feeling very stuck. He helped me see a new, more helpful way of doing business that has allowed me to impact many pore people than ever before. He's got a genuinely helpful nature and wants to make sure that all his clients get a clear return on their investment. I've worked with many coaches and Eran is truly outstanding!

Samantha Commins

Eran is EVERYTHING I need in a person to help me with my tech needs. He is patient, INSANELY kind, ridiculously smart, and VERY talented. His work is unlike anyone OR any other system I have worked with. Every person I come in contact with, I recommend Eran. He makes sure you LOVE what you are building and answers any question you may need. Ontop of that he walks you step by step to not only build what you need but to teach YOU how to do it too! Truly the BEST money I have ever spent and will CONSTANTLY recommend him to EVERYONE! Thank you Eran for all your incredible work and constant hard work ethic, your literally changing lives by helping others with your talents!

Bastian Michels

Eran has a gift in seeing your current situation from a wide angle and figuring out how you can improve without any big effort. He really helped me seeing my blindspots and showed me how to bring in more revenue within 24 hours that saved my month 😉. Whenever you have a change to talk with him, be prepaired with a set of good questions to get the maximum out for you! Highly recommend his advice!

Kayleigh Trickey

I can't say enough good things about Eran! He is so helpful. My site could not have been possible without him! I am so thankful!!

Anne Orenstein

I LOVE being in Eran's membership, not only because of the helpful information and wisdom he imparts, but also because of his helpfulness. I feel such peace knowing that I can email his support team and get an answer to my questions, especially those that are tech related, within a short timeframe(sometimes as quick as within 1 hour)! He has helped me get unstuck SO many times & I am very grateful. Thank you Eran Bucai!

Glenda Ortiz

Eran is a professional in all his efforts. I call him my business and marketing encyclopedia 😀

Vianney Wilson

When I asked Eran what to leave him a review for, he simply said "the truth.. that's all I care about". If that doesn't tell you about the calibre of this man as a coach and mentor, then nothing else will.

In a world where affiliate marketers can chase commissions more than GIVE to their customers, Eran is a shining beacon of hope that has inspired me to continue on the path that I am on.

If you are looking for someone to guide you through this complex and fascinating business, then I would wholeheartedly recommend Eran as a mentor.

Karen Stickler Gardinier 

Eran is not only a dynamic coach he has become a valued friend. I appreciate his work ethic, his professionalism and his true desire to help someone reach their personal goals.

I appreciate his ability to find each individuals attributes and help them navigate those towards their ultimate success.

Working with Eran Bucai has been a pleasure and ended up being my most valuable resource in helping others. I highly recommend him.

Kinko Hamilton

I have worked with many Gurus and professionals. Eran is different. He is really a heart-centered, super sharp, and exceptional leader in the online business + marketing world.

He is very knowledgeable but the best part is that he can break EVERYTHING into pieces to teach us, which is no many Gurus are willing to do.

I absolutely adore and appreciate his methodology, which leads me (and many others) to take actions immediately.

I highly recommended Eran, you'd be blessed to have him on your journey.

Lee Poniris

Eran is one of the youngest smartest and honest mentors that I have met ,and his coaching platform is by far the most reasonable and easy to follow. Eran always is willing to help anyone on line or taking their business online as well . Thank you for providing value and knowledge Eran . 👍🙏

Katy Ho

Eran is awesome at being a online business mentor because he is transparent and genuine, and guide you to get results you put in work for. He truly wants to help you and takes a lot of time to get to know what your entrepreneurial needs are. I recently read his 21 Productivity & Hacks ebook and you can read his voice means well and for your efficiency. He motivates to keep grindin. I definitely recommend you reach out to him for your coaching needs and go from there!

Victor Calderon

"Everything about Eran has been very classy and professional! Whenever I’ve needed support and encouragement, he has provided the resources and navigated me in the right direction. I have never met a more genuine and sincere Entrepreneur, Coach and mentor, like Eran! Thank you Eran for all your guidance and wisdom!! My MLM business is taking off, and you’ve played a MAJOR role!!"

Neelam Tewar

Eran is awesome! He is thorough, professional and followed up to make sure I had everything I needed with my project. That build trust and made it super easy to work with him.

Joey Weems 

Eran is a knowledgeable professional that you can trust for the proper guidance!

Kate Jenvey

Eran came highly recommended through another Facebook group and he did not disappoint! His manner was kind and considerate of my requirements and his technical knowledge and support of my learning platform was professional and helpful. Couldn't be happier with the whole process and outcome, thank you Eran!

Marvin Barnes 

Eran is hard working and always willing to help. He is a great mentor and I can see Eran having even more success in the future.

Huhana Hunt

I have personally known Eran for sometime and he puts 1000% into whatever he
does. He has personally helped me a lot. You can't go wrong working with Eran!I highly recommend him and his mentorship.

Josh Kent

Eran is amazing! Very knowledgeable and personable. His insight on personal development and business growth was very helpful. Highly recommend Eran!

Maryl Celiz Paz

Before Eran, I 1) considered myself “non-techie” and 2) was afraid of Kajabi (did the free trial and ended up metaphorically cross eyed). I hired Eran as my tech coach for his 8 week program after a high recommendation and a free consult to discuss which platform might work for my business’s next level. I was overwhelmed for lack of automation, doing it all myself, and the business had reached a point where I needed to either hire or automate (Eran suggested both and he was right). Six sessions later, I launched a membership with a new product all built together with Eran, who not only went over and beyond our scheduled time but also answered questions between sessions and supported me through my launch. I’m now navigating Kajabi AND Canva (which he also taught me), like a true tech-savvy business owner and can’t wait to see what else I can do in the platform now after Eran has demystified the whole thing and trained me to do it all on my own. Best attitude, accommodates any schedule (I swear the man doesn’t sleep - he’s like a 24-7 tech support), great guidance and skill and kind heart that really wants to see you succeed. I highly recommend him for anyone who was like me - scared of tech and lost with all the “which platform is the best for me” deal.

Darla Sullivan

Eran was my coach and he is a very caring person. He is very easy to talk to and helps you any way he can. Thank you eran and continue the good work

Kae Bajwa 

Eran is an online superstar! His coaching really helped me when I was starting my online business. Highly recommended

DianaandKen Kerstin

Eran is a very good at what he does. As he was a coach to help people like you and me get started with their own online business. He is professional, kind and very caring with his customers.

Les Abbott

Very friendly professional guy. Hands on approach. Quickly replies to queries. Wishing him much success in the future.

Raquel Lopez

I am incredibly grateful to have found Eran. He came into my life at the right and perfect time. I needed someone to help me build my platform and he did much more than that. I was especially looking for someone with a very good understanding and knowledge of the language digital/course creators use these days and found him to be exactly what I needed.
Eran is super fast, very efficient, incredibly knowledgeable in his field, and he has been very patient with me as well as giving me the right dose of steps to move me forwards. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who finds building a site, marketing funnels, and the technical aspects rather confusing and daunting - he will help you put all the pieces of the puzzle together and propel your business forward!

Amy Balowitz Miller

Eran was seriously helpful! He offered to hop on a Zoom call and in under 15 minutes I knew what to do with my audio file to create a podcast, which email marketing platform to switch to and how to transfer subscribers from one platform to another. I wasn't even really prepared with more than one question since I just wanted to hop on the "Help Train". Luckily I thought of a couple other questions while we were on the call. He's so easy to talk to and offers valuable help without making you feel like you don't know what you're doing (which most of us don't which is why we need him!) I am energized to get working on solving the issues I am having since I have a clear pathway to resolve them. I'm so grateful. Thank you, Eran!!

Jennifer Short

Eran is very knowledgeable about how to work with platforms and gets things done quickly. His manner is very calm and gets things done even with the frustrating circumstances that I had with a slow internet connection due to an isolated location. He worked through the training to get what I needed done and was always responsive to communicating even though he wasn't "on the clock" to support my posts. I liked that he was a steady and solid "safety net" in what was a very new experience for me developing a new educational platform. I don't think I could have done this if he hadn't been a part of the solution!! TY....

Colleen Ramser

Eran is the best tech person I've ever had help me! His efficiency and ability to quickly "click" for you to get stuff done is amazing. I'm not very techy and through his work with me I learned even how to be techy without freaking out. I'm launching my course next week and I had one more tiny issue and he hopped on a zoom call immediately to help me fix it. Now I can enjoy the remainder of the day with my family not worrying about it!!! Thanks you Eran!!

Lisa Williams

Eran- You're a very good teacher. The webinar was filled with value! I look forward to working together.

Kana Kamitsubo Markovic

Eran has everything what I was looking for; knowledge, experience, professionalism, and ethical working attitude. His approach is logical and evidence-based. He will listen to you, analyze your situation, make suggestions and help you achieve the goals. The amount of information he has is enormous as he keeps learning on his own. He shares all what he knows including his own wins and loses to help you to make a better decision for your business. Additionally, his expertise is in technology which is amazing for a person like me who is not a tech savvy. Eran is also a good teacher so that I learned so much about digital marketing. Overall, I am 120% confident to recommend him for anyone who needs help for digital products, marketing, and copywriting. As a small business owner who have worked with so many "experts" it is rare to find a person like Eran! I feel so lucky!

AmyandHugh Verdoorn

I have known Eran for about 3 years and I've followed his progress since his humble beginnings. What stands out the most for me, is his honesty and willingness to share his vast knowledge to help his customers succeed. Eran has done the hard yards and now he is focussed on teaching customer all the skills needed to build a successful online business.

Leslie Parker

Where do I begin? Eran is amazing. He is the most giving person I have met in quite some time. He is the real deal. I'm so happy to be in his membership and have consulted with him on many occasions. His knowledge is limitless, his energy boundless, and his passion to help others is endless. Thank you for all you do!

Molly Clark

Eran gets five billion stars!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️
I’m in his membership and find so much value. He has been extremely patient and helpful as I get my program and membership out there for the world. I highly recommend this man for anything and everything when it comes to figuring out technology. I highly suggest Eran. I can’t say it enough! He’s awesome and super smart!